Good Morning!

Hi Guys 👋 Becky here, we have a lot of new followers lately and many won't know much about us. We are a family business with our fab team & we have two sons who are the reasons we work as hard as we do ❤😀 We're based in Conwy, North Wales but we post all over the UK.
Our Birch Collection summer sale has been incredible!!! As we approach xmas we have no choice but to bring it to an end as we are already inundated with orders 🙈
To save my poor mailboxes being overloaded here are a couple of pointers.... 👇
When ordering please take note of our current production time. Our website is advising approx 3 weeks at the moment (this applies to standard production time orders). We are extremely busy I cannot stress this enough - ORDER EARLY FOR XMAS 2021. We understand this production time is long - the demand for our items is at an all time high 🤯. Which we are truly grateful for and is a testament to our team, but please don't order and expect Amazon prime delivery timeframes & be mad with us when it's not 🥺 each order is handmade to order. Our team is expanding again as of next month and we have just had another machine delivered too and she's a big girl!!!! 🥳 This will all help us keep up with growing demand 🔥
When you order you will receive an order confirmation from us - if you provide just a mobile phone number it will be a text message. And if you provide an email address it will be an email - BUT please check spam mail. And hotmail accounts are a nightmare for us for some reason 🤷‍♀️
Spring 2021 was a scary time for our business, the IOS apple update caused mayhem for online businesses. And it wasn't well publicised via the media so many won't have a clue what I am talking about.... BUT I saw many amazing small businesses fold as a result which is heartbreaking to see. BUT to have an incredible summer like we have had means the absolute world to this family business and I truly mean that. It means we can continue to do what we love, we've been trading since 2013 and we hope to continue for many more. We've survived this pandemic I feel like we've come out of it stronger. However I will say.... due the Covid rates being high in schools....we have had staff absent due to their children having to isolate etc, and I feel like this is going to be a long winter for many businesses and we're not out of the woods yet 😅
Gosh I've rambled on 😂 I'll end on this...please don't panic buy fuel...😅 omg I'm dreading having to fill up again already 🙈🙈